Recent Web Design

Significant Projects

Educational Institution

Promotional film (re)editing and post production. Animated Banner Ads

Energy company

Digital project work for the gas division. [Sub-contracted]

Software development company

Development of HTML5 special effects.

Non profit organisation

Branding and web design/production

Entertainment company

Art Direction for the Warner Bros 3d cinema project.

Creation of the artificial inteligence (AI) entities featured in the virtual enviroment. This project featured on the landing pages for the companys main American website for the companys 75th anniversary.


City council

Creation of a VR experience of the Robert Clark Centre, as part of the Begonia Festival website and featured in the 'The Age' technology section.

Educational Institution

Conceptualisation, design and construction for 3d medical training simulation for ancillary staff. [Sub-contracted]

Restaurant Chain

Interface design and programming for iPad management app interface for franchise reporting. [Sub-contracted]

Online multiuser virtual world

Design and constuction of digital assets for use in world. Conversion of in-world assets from whatever format they were recieved to 'Open Collada' for use in Twinity. [Sub-contracted]

Theme Park

Promotional 3d Java environment, featured on the front page of their website.

Online multiuser virtual world

Management of the virtual 'house of design', creation of 3d assets for sale, in-game advertising design, strategy, positioning, member competitions and community liason. [Sub-contracted]

Technology company

Design for apps and web interfaces.

Training software company

Web design and web based game development. [Sub-contracted]

Educational Institution

Creation of multi-user 3d environment showcasing Box Hill's environmental course with 3d chat. [Sub-contracted

Technology company

I've worked for ER, on and off, in various capacities over the course of 10 years, both as a contractor and a full time employee. Many of the projects mentioned here I got to work on through ER. For a while I was directing the art department, which consisted 8 3d artists. After the GFC I became the whole art dept.

Government Initiative

Character concept and graphic design for information kits.

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What we are

Subgenius Productions is a digital content production company, based in Melbourne Australia.

We specialise in the design and/or creation of

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  • Apps
  • Interfaces
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  • Video Production
  • How we make it

    We consult with you to identify your requirements, then produce your digital content on budget and in a timely manner.

    We also facilitate

  • Wordpress
  • Moodle (online learning/training)
  • Magento (ecommerce)
  • Where we are

    We are a Melbourne based company with offices in the CBD and Elsternwick.

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    Two exerpts from the recent Subgenius produced training video "The Bully Handbook". The complete video and course can be found at Worksafe Training.